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Tickets for the 2023 Screen Spectacular are live NOW! Join the Studio Orchestra at FSU for the second annual Screen Spectacular. Enjoy a concert featuring original film scores for student films and music from fan favorites like How to Train Your Dragon, Final Fantasy, Avatar, Super Mario, and Space Invaders. Costumes and cheering are encouraged as you attend this come-as-you-are event and we can all celebrate the joy of films and video games! 


What can you expect from a Film Spectacular?

Expect brilliant visuals combined with live music from film favorites like How to Train Your Dragon and Avatar (the Blue People). Also expect the innovative collaboration between FSU's College of Music and College of Motion Picture Arts as we present original student films with original student compositions. Enjoy this laid-back concert atmosphere as we all come together to celebrate the nostalgia and impact films and video games have had on our lives! 

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